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Episode Guide
Episode 1
Aired: N/A
Witness a death-defying rescue attempt as a snowmobiler who triggers a massive avalanche has friends who fight to dig him out before he’s buried alive. Plus, a mother and son are saved from an apartment fire, but what happens when the woman’s daughter has been left inside? And, when a construction worker gets pinned in a muddy trench, firefighters risk everything to pull him out before the walls collapse. TV-PG, L

Episode 2
Aired: September 24, 2007 - Court TV
Watch as people become heroes in the most death-defying rescue attempts ever caught on tape. In this episode, rescuers risk their lives to reach a desperate man stuck at the edge of Niagara Falls. Plus, firefighters are locked in a race against time to free a man crushed and trapped. And, can a lion tamer save his brother from the jaws of a lion? TV-PG, V

Episode 3
Aired: October 8, 2007 - Court TV
In this episode, witness a fireman who rescues a man from a burning building, only to find reeling him to safety may put both their lives in jeopardy. Plus, see incredible footage as an airman puts his life on the line to pull hikers off a crumbling hillside. Then, watch as a teenage boy is swept away by a flash flood. Can rescuers get to the boy in time? TV-PG

Episode 4
Aired: October 8, 2007 - Court TV
Description not available.

Episode 5
Aired: October 8, 2007 - Court TV
In this episode, searing flames blister a construction worker trapped on a giant crane. And, two lions attack without warning leaving a zookeeper to fight for his life. Plus, a kayaker plunges over a waterfall and is sucked under by a whirlpool. TV-PG, V

Episode 6
Aired: October 8, 2007 - Court TV

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