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The following films are currently in various stages of development. At this time, we are not staffing for these projects

Untitled Interns Project
  -  Screenplay by Dan McDermott

Dog Overboard!
Amazing true-life story of one dog's adventure on an island.
Sony Animation
  -  In association with Susan Zepeda and Deborah Giarratana
   Screenplay by Cornelius Uliano & Bryan Schultz

Untitled Cyrano Project
Romantic comedy that explores the world of online dating.
  -  Exclusive Media
  -  In association with Scarlet Fire Entertainment
  -  Screenplay by Nina Colman and Alan Loeb

Untitled Comedy
  -  Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
  -  In association with Disruption Entertainment

The Valet
Action comedy involving a young valet driver and the wild adventure he has on his first day of work.
  -  In association with Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes
  -  Screenplay by Jason Hall
  -  McGee attached to direct

  -  Warner Bros.
  -  In association with Riche Productions and Green Hat Films
  -  Larry Sher attached to direct
  -  Screenplay by Phil Hay & Matt Manfredi


Girl Most Wanted
Action comedy about a man who meets the girl of his dreams in a most unusual way.
  -  In association withSpyglass Entertainment
  -  Screenplay by Steve Pink

Home Movies
Family Drama
  -  DreamWorks
  -  In association with 21 Laps
  -  Shawn Levy attached to direct
  -  Tom McCarthy attached to write

An amazing true story of one man's quest for justice.
  -  In association with Davis Entertainment

A Nightmare in Dreamland
  -  In association with Disruption Entertainment
  -  Treatment by Todd Komarnicki, based on an original story by Bruce Nash


Andrew the Terrible
  -  In association with The Walt Becker Company
  -  Screenplay by Steven List & Kyle Rankin


Surviving Sarah
Comedy about a young woman who tries to find Mr. Right in spite of her “excess baggage.”
Screenplay by Nina Colman


Time of Their Lives
Screenplay by Chris Murphey, based on an original story by Bruce Nash


To Wally Ward
When a man finds an unusual baseball, it leads him on a journey of self-discovery.
  -  Screenplay by Angelo Pizzo (Hoosiers, Rudy), based on an original story by Bruce Nash


The true story of the doctor who saved the lives of thousands of premature babies by exhibiting them as freaks at Coney Island.
  -  Screenplay by Chris Murphey


The true story of Fritz Pollard, the first African-American football player in the NFL.


Santa's First Dog (working title)
Animated holiday adventure about a street savvy "con dog" who ends up saving Christmas.


Christmas in July
When Santa is up for review and his job is at stake, he is forced to compete in a Santa Claus contest to prove he really is the best Santa in the world.


Based on the true story of David Smart, the 1950's playboy who created GQ and Esquire magazines and then went on to establish his own studio producing "social guidance films."
  -  Screenplay by
Charlie Peters


Sherlock's Secretary
A letter addressed to Sherlock Holmes leads to a wild adventure.
  -  Walden Media


Alien Vacation
Comedy about how an alien spends his vacation on earth.
  -  Warner Bros. in association with Atlas Entertainment
  -  Screenplay by Matt Robinson


When Good Pets Go Bad
A horror film inspired by Bruce Nash's reality TV classic of the same title.


Masked Magician
Action adventure in which a magician uses illusions to fight crime. Similar to the feature F/X, the audience will be privy to the "secrets of magic" when the Masked Magician builds and deploys his amazing tricks.


Return Engagement
Fantasy time travel in the vein of Back to the Future. When a man realizes that he passed up the girl of his dreams years ago, he is given a chance to go back in time to try and change their history.   


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