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Reality Series

tru's Top Funniest
Each week, tru's TOP FUNNIEST features a family-friendly mix of the best of viral video clips, home movies, pranks, surveillance videos, event footage and news bloopers, all with one thing in common: it¹s hysterically funny. Colorful and comedic commentary charts the course of the funniest clips in all the way to our Clip of the Week: the world¹s most hilarious video.
Caught Red Handed
Caught Red Handed is the provocative new series that features brazen shoplifters attempting to rob stores blind. But what these outrageous thieves don't realize is that loss prevention agents are watching their every move. You won’t believe the crazy excuses these crooks offer when they get busted-- and it’s all caught on camera!
Top 20 Most Shocking
Top 20 Most Shocking is the ultimate countdown show-- bringing you the best of the best real life moments ever caught on camera! What’s the wildest crash ever witnessed? Or the most outrageous prank ever conceived? From the outlandish hijinks of Practical Jokers Gone Wild to the sexy shenanigans of Battlin’ Babes, strap yourself in for a roller coaster ride all the way to #1!

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