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Reality Series

truTV Top Funniest

Each week, truTV TOP FUNNIEST features a fun-filled mix of hilarious videos such as outlandish pranks, funny pets, hysterical TV bloopers, ridiculous stunts and fantastic fails from all over the world!

Caught Red Handed

Caught Red Handed is the provocative new series that features brazen shoplifters attempting to rob stores blind. But what these outrageous thieves don't realize is that loss prevention agents are watching their every move. You won’t believe the crazy excuses these crooks offer when they get busted-- and it’s all caught on camera!


Eight-time Emmy® nominee Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) brings his unique voice to truTV in the new series Clipaholics. Each week, Alexander introduces viewers to the funniest, most outrageous video clips from around the world, while also providing his unique take on the crazy things that happen when the cameras are rolling.

Top 20 Most Shocking

Top 20 Most Shocking is the ultimate countdown show-- bringing you the best of the best real life moments ever caught on camera! What’s the wildest crash ever witnessed? Or the most outrageous prank ever conceived? From the outlandish hijinks of Practical Jokers Gone Wild to the sexy shenanigans of Battlin’ Babes, strap yourself in for a roller coaster ride all the way to #1!

Most Daring

Most Daring is the wildest, the wackiest, the most action-packed hour of caught-on-tape footage on television. From the zany antics of Loonies In The Boonies to the wrinkled mayhem of Senior Smackdown, no other show can match the raw insanity of our no-holds-barred look at life on the edge.

Most Shocking

Featuring unbelievable caught-on-tape action, Most Shocking spans the globe to bring you pulse-pounding police videos, outrageous acts of jaw-dropping stupidity, and the most astonishing moments of life gone wrong!

Moments of Impact
Discovery Channel

The deadliest storms! The scariest animal attacks! The most shocking explosions! The most startling stunts gone wrong! The most frightening crashes! Get ready to witness the most eye-popping, pulse-pounding, sensational videos ever caught on tape! Each one-hour episode of Moments of Impact features approximately 15 clip-based stories of people who have come face to face with disaster-- and lived to tell their terrifying tale. Combining unbelievable caught on tape footage with dramatic first-hand interview accounts, we will reveal what went wrong... and how the survivors of these heart-stopping events managed to survive.

Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed

The magician’s sacred code of silence is broken forever! Nowhere else has a magician dared to reveal the dark secrets behind the world’s most mystifying illusions. The Masked Magician is here to defy his fellow conjurers and disclose for the first time the tricks that have captivated audiences for centuries!

Crisis Point

Crisis Point allows viewers to ride along on a pulse-pounding pursuit... to feel the gut-wrenching drama of a tense hostage standoff... or a chilling glimpse of a life and death shootout through dash-cam and surveillance cameras. The series is a unique take on the cop genre. Each one-hour episode is a high-octane mix of the officer’s own first-hand account... along with a seamless blend of dramatic reenactments and actual crime footage. It’s the first show to place the viewer literally in the cop’s shoes: putting the audience right in the middle of the danger.

Amazing Sports Stories

Every sports fan knows the stories about the greats of the games – Jackie Robinson, Joe Montana, Muhammad Ali, Jim Thorpe. But what about those little-known athletes whose amazing stories have never been told? Like Bert Shepard, the only man to play in a major league baseball game – on an artificial leg!... Con man golfer Mysterious Montague, who would sucker unsuspecting marks into big stakes matches, then easily beat them using a shovel, a rake and a baseball bat to hit the ball! Part movie, part documentary, the series features incredible but true human interest stories that will touch the heart and soul of every sports fan.

World's Most Amazing Videos

The ultimate caught-on-camera reality show, featuring the most heart-pounding, action-packed footage you’ve ever seen! Real life explosions, crashes, wild police chases, race cars out of control and stunts gone bad will keep your adrenaline pumping. Not only will you be amazed by the footage, you will hear from the people who experienced these incredible ordeals. Each week over a dozen true-life stories are told of people who faced their most desperate hour... and lived to tell about it.

Totally Outrageous Behavior

Totally Outrageous Behavior is the ratings sensation that exposes people’s most embarrassing and outrageous behavior as caught on home video, security and surveillance cameras, and even police tapes. Each of the side-splitting half-hour episodes includes hysterical home videos, boneheaded bloopers, sports mishaps, dumb criminals and outrageous competitions. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

I Dare You! The Ultimate Challenge

The world’s greatest stuntmen battle to break records in this testosterone-packed exhibition of high octane thrills. The 10,000 pound “Bigfoot” monster truck flies 150 feet through the air, over a junkyard of old cars! A daredevil jumps from an airplane, landing on top of a hot air balloon 2,000 feet below! A motorcycle rider drives through the gates of hell-- a 2,000-degree tunnel of fire! A stunt pilot lands a plane in the back of a speeding truck!  These are the most daring and dangerous stunts ever attempted!

For Better or For Worse
Would you hand over complete control of your wedding to a group of family and friends given only seven days, a meager budget of $5,000 and the service of a wedding planner they’ve never met to plan your big day? That’s what we ask couples to do in every self-contained episode of this funny and heartwarming series. The engaged couple gets to take the week off as their family and friends scramble to put together the wedding of a lifetime. Each wedding in this reality series is unique, complete with a creative and one-of-a-kind theme, a beautiful wedding dress, and special moments as only one’s friends and family can provide.

Road Trip

Have you ever wished you could follow (carefully) in the footsteps of the wiseguys in “The Sopranos?”... run through the glorious hills from “The Sound of Music?”... take a dip in the waters from one of the all-time great movies, “Jaws?”... visit the Big Apple’s celebrated sites made famous worldwide from such TV series as “Friends,” “Seinfeld” and  “The Honeymooners”? Now you can in a memorable, globe-hopping series of tours tailored especially for TV fans, movie buffs, sports enthusiasts, magic mavens, ghostbusters and more!
Best Kept Secrets

Best Kept Secrets is a compelling new series that takes viewers on an unprecedented journey into a world that would otherwise remain unknown, off limits and quite often, invisible.  To bring these amazing stories to life, Best Kept Secrets combines original footage, expert interviews and unparalleled access to some of the world’s most confidential locations.

Head To Head
Discovery Communications

In Head To Head, viewers get an intense, up-close look at the behind-the-scenes battles for the high prestige prizes that matter most in our world. From Network TV ratings, to a college football rivalry, for supremacy in business, politics or running shoes, the competition is intense, and the stakes are high. Jobs and careers are on the line. So is fame and power. And in all these arenas of competition, there are usually two contenders who know each other as well as they know themselves, each trying to snatch victory from the other. If sports is a metaphor for life, then in  Head To Head we realize just how much life is a metaphor for sports. You’re either a winner…or a loser.


This cutting edge reality series features caught-on-camera catastrophes and crimes. The stories are tough, tense and action-packed. Each person who is part of an extraordinary event has their own distinct memory of what happened, so we retell the story from several distinct points of view. This “Rashomon” treatment enables I-Witness to unfold like good detective fiction – only it’s real!

The most creative and cutting edge robot builders in the world assemble for a competition that is set in a high tech, futuristic arena with breathtaking rock conrert lighting. Part science and part America’s Got Talent, this is Robotica!
World's Most...

This one-hour reality series showcases real-life footage from around the world, catching human drama unfolding in front of the unblinking eye of the video camera. On World’s Most… there are no actors, no scripts, just everyday people caught on tape in extraordinary circumstances.  In addition to witnessing the amazing true-life video, we interview the heroes, analyze the amazing events, and meet the people whose lives were changed forever while cameras rolled. Episodes include: Shocking Undercover Sting Operations, Incredible Hostage Rescues, Heroic Firefighters, Courageous Animal Rescues, Frightening Police Videos, Violent Storms, Death-Defying Stunts, Notorious Bank Robbers, Awesome World Record Breakers, and Outrageous Weddings

You Asked For It!

You Asked For It! is a remake of the 1950s series of the same title, which takes requests from viewers for the most outrageous things they’d like to see, and then puts them on the air. Amazing, bizarre, and funny images are featured in this series, which combines classic segments from the original show along with fresh new material. The world’s fastest parallel parker! Skydivers who fall from a plane while watching TV in a living room! A penguin that waddles to market in England every day and returns with a fish in its backpack! Just say it and see it on…You Asked For It!

Adventures With The Duchess

The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, travels around the United States and the Bahamas to share exciting adventures with four extraordinary, inspirational people. The Duchess is seen rock climbing, shark diving, flying on a trapeze, and ridin’ and ropin’ in a cattle drive!
Cheating Sposes: Caught On Tape

With failed marriages on the rise, divorce in this day and age is big business. Private investigators and their video cameras are out roaming the world, trying to catch philandering spouses in the act. This one-hour special is chock-full of shocking moments caught on tape. When we say caught, we really mean caught-- caught in the act of cheating! Using interviews along with revealing hidden camera footage of cheaters caught in the act, this daring program proves that if you’re going to cheat, you’re going to get caught.

Opportunity Knocks

For almost 20 years, television audiences have enjoyed watching families battle against each other in the hit TV game show Family Feud. Now comes a new game show that goes a step further by literally bringing the battle right into the families’ homes. Opportunity Knocks is the first game show to take the action out of the traditional studio format and bring it directly to homes throughout America. Each episode begins with our co-hosts storming into two side-by-side homes and pitting neighbor against neighbor in a hilarious series of homespun competitions. One host is in one house, while our other host anchors the fun and games from next door. We cut back and forth between each home, until the exciting “end game” which is shown in simultaneous split-screen action. True to the title of the show, our hand-held cameras follow the action wherever it goes-- into bedrooms, basements and bathrooms. We peek into refrigerators, medicine cabinets-- even underwear drawers. The game is segmented into a variety of fun-filled competitions, with points being awarded to the winner of each contest.

Real Funny

The funniest things in life are real and they’re all here on… Real Funny!  Host Craig Shoemaker takes viewers on a wild and wacky journey to meet a farmer who play music on a real sheep, a human bowling ball…even a juggling fly!

Competition Series

Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

Comic book creator Stan Lee leads hosts this competition reality series to find the next real superhero who will win the best reality competition prize yet: immortality! From thousands of hopefuls, Stan Lee chooses the lucky finalists who move into a secret lair. There they will begin their transformations-- and their competition for the opportunity to become real-life superheroes. They will test their mettle, try to overcome their limitations, and do what it takes to prove that they truly are super. In the end, only one aspiring superhero will have the inner strength and nobility to open the gates to comic book immortality-- with their own comic book!

For Love or Money

It’s four full seasons and one reunion special of the most twisted reality series ever made! Fifteen beautiful women arrive at a mansion to compete for the attention of a handsome bachelor but soon learn that, unbeknownst to the bachelor, the woman he chooses must decide whether she wants the bachelor (love) or the money ($1 million).

Meet My Folks

Before you can take out the girl of your dreams, you first must pass parental inspection – this age-old rite of passage fuels this funny and outrageous prime time reality game show! In each episode, three handsome young bachelors with super-charged hormones spend a weekend with their potential Miss Right – and her parents! But if these boys think that impressing Mom & Dad will be easy, they’re wrong! We have a few surprises up our sleeves. Which guy will Mom & Dad pick to win the Grand Prize – a week in Hawaii with their daughter? That depends on the results of one final parental test… the iconic Lie Detector! Mom & Dad grill the boys – and if they lie, they’re toast!

Outback Jack

Outback Jack creates the ultimate test of love as twelve high-maintenance women vie for the affections of a rugged Australian adventurer. However, the women don't realize until it’s too late that to meet Jack, they’ll have to parachute into the middle of the untamed Australian Outback! After making it to the ground, they’re shocked to discover the potential man of their dreams is not living a life of luxury, but roughing it in one of the world’s most unforgiving terrains. These pampered women will be put to the test to see which one of them has the stamina to survive in the Outback and win the affection of their handsome hero. The laughs are as big as the adventure in Outback Jack, the ultimate fish-out-of-water comedy reality series!

Wanna Come In?

In this uproariously funny game show aimed at the MTV audience, two teams, each with one stud and one dud, compete to see which stud can best coach his dud while on a date. The goal? For the dud to be invited into the girl’s house at the end of the show. If this happens, the stud wins the money, and the dud wins the girl!
Dance Fever

In this revitalized version of Merv Griffin’s beloved series, the search is on to find America’s best dancers who will compete in the Dance Fever championship for a $100,000 grand prize! We search the country far and wide and after suffering through hundreds of untalented dances, find 48 individuals and dance teams who are good enough to make it onto the show. Once we fly them out to Las Vegas, the fun really begins! Eric Nies hosts the competition in front of a packed, live audience as the contestants strut their stuff on stage for our celebrity judges: actress and singer Carmen Electra; Grammy-winning artist MC Hammer; and renowned director/choreographer Jamie King.

Mr. Personality

Twenty masked men. One beautiful woman. What happens when she picks Mr. Right without ever seeing his face? Is it true that it’s what’s inside that counts? If so, our bachelors had better be funny, witty, charming, and intelligent because guess what? Personality is the only thing our stunning bachelorette will use to judge them! Throughout the six episode arc, the men keep their face-covering masks on (unless they’re in a darkened room), preventing our leading lady from seeing what any of them look like! In the end, she’ll pick a suitor based on his personality alone… and she’ll finally get to take the mask off! Will she be shocked, happy, upset or disgusted? Or will she have fallen in love with the man inside?

My Life is a Sitcom

We turn the reality genre on its head with this reality series about finding a real-life family to serve as the stars of their own sitcom! Out of hundreds of tapes submitted by regular families, eight were chosen to have their homes invaded by our production team to determine whether their lives are “worthy” of being made into a sitcom. Each week we visit one of the families and get to know them and see them in their natural habitat. These are the funniest families in America, so expect some big laughs and unexpected shenanigans! Out of the eight finalists, one family is selected to star in a sitcom pilot based on their real lives which is shot in front of a live studio audience! It’s the ultimate reality series prize!

Who Wants to Marry My Dad?

During the two full seasons and one reunion show in this spin-off of NBC’s hit relationship series Meet My Folks, the adult children of a single father choose among several suitors to decide which woman will ultimately marry their Dad! With an emphasis on romance, the series  follows the courtship of the Dad and the contestants over five episodes, with the kids eliminating women each week until only two women remain in the final episode. Unexpected guests and a surprise segment featuring a legion of lie detectors add to the fun before the kids decide in the finale which woman their Dad will marry-- and take on a fantasy honeymoon trip. Then their father will propose to the winner!

Reality Specials

Before They Were Stars!

It’s the show that started the trend! This series looks back at the fledgling careers of some of the biggest names in entertainment.  Each episode presents never-before-seen clips of  your favorite stars in early television appearances, commercials, screen tests, talent contests and even home movies!

The First Family's Holiday Gift to America: A Personal Tour of the White House

It’s a historic television event as former President and First Lady, Bill and Hillary Clinton, take you on a personal tour of the world’s most famous home. We open the doors to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for a once-in-a-lifetime look at the rarely seen “personal” rooms at the White House. The Clintons share many stories about the history of both the house and the grounds that many of us only know by name: The Oval Office, The State Dining Room, the Rose Garden, and the very famous Lincoln Bedroom.

Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” These immortal words were spoken on July 20, 1969, when astronaut Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon. Or did he? Believe it or not, there are many people who firmly believe that we never landed on the moon at all! These theorists claim to have proof that it was all an elaborate hoax executed by NASA to “beat” the Soviet space program to the moon. Check out the evidence and make your decision…did we land on the moon?
Exposed! Pro Wrestling's Greatest Secrets

Catch this blow-by-blow look at pro wrestling’s inner workings as you’ve never seen them before! Is it real or fake? Enter the world of pro wrestling-- and learn the truth! Eight professional wrestlers wear masks to hide their identities while revealing some of the most popular and well-known tricks of the trade.
The Fritz Pollard Story

Just about everyone knows that Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. But what few people realize is that a courageous, unsung hero named Fritz Pollard blazed a trail for African Americans into the National Football League in 1920 -- a full twenty-seven years before Robinson took his historic first step onto a big-league baseball diamond!

A shopper shampoos his hair in the middle of a grocery store! A businessman goes into labor in front of his co-workers! Work at the job site grinds to a halt when a handful of macho construction workers perform a striptease! Are they insane? No, they’ve been hypnotized! You’ll see just how wild and crazy people can get while under post-hypnotic suggestion. We select real people in real locations to fall under the spell of world-class hypnotist Tom Silver. They never believed that it could happen to them. The real question is: could you be next?
The Iron Mask

Would you be willing to share your deep, dark secrets with the rest of the world -- if no one could see your face? Five mysterious figures wearing an iron mask sit before a live audience and confess their most shameful sins. One after another, with their faces obscured and their voices electronically altered, they admit to such scandalous activities as: a killer pit bull owner who kidnaps family pets from his neighbors for “sparring partners” and an airline pilot who participates in mid-air sexual encounters.

Outrageous Celebrity Look-Alike Behavior Caught on Tape

What could be more exciting than seeing your favorite celebrity in public? Seeing your favorite celebrity do something totally outrageous!  Clones of the world’s most famous stars pass for the real thing while carrying out embarrassing, surprising, hysterical acts in public! Impersonators include Ozzy Osbourne, Cher, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Mike Tyson and Tiger Woods. See how unsuspecting people react when they meet our celebrity imitators!

Prisoners Out of Control

Behind every prison wall, behind every barbwire fence, is a ferocious, terrifying world of violence and chaos. For the first time on television, viewers get a chance to see what life is really like in the “Big House.” This truly shocking program features real footage of real prisoners engaged in some of the most violent acts ever captured on film, including: two rival prison gangs in a massive brawl involving more than 1,600 inmates, an inmate assaulted with a 45-pound barbell, and the infamous British prison riots that lasted for nearly a month.
Road to Fame

It’s always fun to see a clip of a big star when they were just another face in the crowd, looking for that breakthrough role that could launch their career. Now you can join us as we discover never-before-seen screen tests, auditions, early home videos, commercials, variety shows and even high school plays of today’s biggest celebrities! We find footage of Tom Cruise and Heather Locklear auditioning as teenagers, David Schwimmer and Joely Fisher in their high school play, Cuba Gooding Jr. doing an early public service announcement, Jim Carrey in a stand-up routine in 1982, and many more stars before they made it big!


They’re not flying saucers, or mysterious lights in the night sky. They’re a curious new kind of UFO -- one that’s been caught on tape all over the world! We present startling new evidence that aliens could be among us! Experts call them “Rods,” and they can barely be seen with the naked   eye-- but they have been caught on film and videotape around the world. These mystifying, translucent creatures with no spine travel through the air at lightening speed, and have been identified in Eastern Europe, Korea, Finland, Israel, and the United States!

The Secret World of Dreams

Do you believe in the power of psychics? Millions of people throughout the world do. You pick a card-- any card-- and the psychic “reads your mind” and names it. Spoons bend at will, wineglasses shatter, personal details are bared-- is it proof of extrasensory power? We reveal the amazing tricks developed by “psychics” around the globe to fool people into believing that they have extraordinary powers.

Secrets of Psychics Revealed

Do you believe in the power of psychics? Millions of people throughout the world do. You pick a card -- any card -- and the psychic "reads your mind" and names it. Spoons bend at will, wineglasses shatter, personal details are bared -- is it proof of extra sensory power? We reveal the amazing tricks developed by "psychics" around the globe to fool people into believing that they have extraordinary powers.
When Good Pets Go Bad

Pets provide companionship, love and even protection. They become members of the family. But we forget that our domesticated pets were once wild. And when our pets revert to their natural behavior, the effects can be devastating. We found amazing, never-before-seen video clips of shocking real-life incidents to show viewers what can happen when pets or performing animals let their instincts take over. We explore why pets go bad, the relationship between humans and animals, and what can happen when owners and trainers fail to act responsibly and treat their pets humanely. You’ll never look at the family pet in quite the same way after you see what happens when good pets go bad!

World's Deadliest Earthquakes

In the 20th century alone, earthquakes killed nearly two million people and caused billions of dollars in damage. Striking at any time, these terrifying natural disasters have destroyed entire cities and ruined the lives of everyone unfortunate enough to be caught in their powerful tremors. We explore spectacular footage and tell the harrowing personal stories of people who have survived the most violent earthquakes the world has known, including quakes in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Alaska, Japan, and Italy.

World's Deadliest Sea Creatures

Plunge into the oceans to expose the dark side of Mother Nature. Take an up-close look at the dramatic stories of real people who have found themselves face to face with death in the high seas, including actual footage of deadly water attacks with sharks, whales, a large octopus, piranhas, moray eels, and the deadly box jellyfish.

World's Deadliest Storms

Tornadoes, hail storms, floods and blizzards -- real people tell their stories of their desperate struggles against the elements. We cover the events that led to a mudslide in Idaho that swallowed a town of 740 people, a 90-mile-per-hour hailstorm in Texas that attacked 10,000 unprotected citizens, a massive tidal wave in Korea that ripped through a harbor and tossed giant ships, and many more violent storms caught on camera.

World's Deadliest Volcanoes

Volcanoes! Nothing in nature is more horrifying or destructive. Exploding with 500 times the ferocity of an atom bomb; hurling fiery lava, toxic gasses, boulders and ash 98,000 feet into the air; killing and injuring hundreds of thousands and causing billions of dollars worth of devastation. Travel the world to uncover the real-life terror and tragedy -- meeting people who have felt their fury -- and witness the most spectacular eruption footage ever assembled. We visit Columbia, Portugal, Mt. St. Helens, Kilauea, and other places scorched and scarred by volcanoes.

World's Most Daring Rescues

A moment of crisis often calls for a split-second decision. It’s in that split-second that heroes are born and lives are saved. We salute the extraordinary human bravery and heroism exhibited by people during extreme crisis situations. We recount remarkable stories such as: a firefighter in New Zealand walks through a 1,000 degree wall of flames to rescue a young girl, a daredevil helicopter rescue team pulls jumbo jet crash survivors out of a river in blizzard conditions, and an unconscious man is plucked from thin ice with the help of his faithful dog and courageous rescuers.

World's Scariest Ghosts: Caught on Tape

Apparitions. Poltergeists. Specters. Visions. These are all ways to describe the frightening phenomena most people call “ghosts.” There are many who believe that ghosts are real. But for others, they are nothing more than hoaxes or campfire stories to spook and scare. We examine shocking images of what are purported to be ghosts, poltergeists and apparitions. These images -- collected from all parts of the world -- are the largest group of supernatural clips ever assembled for a television program.

World's Scariest Police Shootouts

Experience all the close-up, heart-stopping action when bullets fly between cops and criminals in the most frightening shootouts ever caught on video. Witness on-the-scene footage of police officers in the line of fire and interviews with many survivors of these life-threatening events. Watch a SWAT team make a daring rescue of terrified hostages... a hooded bank robber trade shots with an off-duty police officer... a violent hostage situation come to a crashing end... state troopers ambushed in broad daylight... sharpshooters end a deadly standoff during a wild shootout... and much more.

World's Worst Drivers: Caught on Tape

There are 35 million vehicles on the road, many of them driven by people who definitely should not be there. It seems like the DMV will give a driver’s license to just about anybody these days! By using footage that is “caught on tape” from stringers, dash cams, home videos, surveillance cameras, and more, we reveal the very best of the world’s worst drivers.
WOW! The Most Awesome Acts on Earth

It’s a collection of the most amazing performers like you’ve never seen before on television! We scoured the globe to find professional entertainers that perform the most incredible acts you can imagine. You’ll see people catching flaming arrows in their bare hands, juggling dining room tables with their feet, and a stuntman with abs of steel getting run over by a truck and walking away without a scratch! WOW!

You Gotta See This!

We use state-of-the-art helmet cameras mounted on daredevils, circus performers, and athletes to give viewers incredible thrills, chills, and spills! Experience what it’s like to ride the world’s scariest roller coaster, get smashed and bashed in the demolition derby, race through rush-hour madness with a bike messenger, and catch twenty-foot surf waves at the famous Banzai pipeline.

Competition Specials

Glutton Bowl

Celebrate the age-old art of gluttony, as the biggest eaters in America face off in the biggest eating event ever! In this uproarious event, these special athletes take excessive eating to a whole new level as they compete in a tournament style contest. The trencherman continue to stuff themselves until one is finally crowned the “champ of the chomp”!
Sexiest Bachelor in America

Television pageants have historically celebrated the world’s sexiest women, but now the men finally get their chance! Fifty-one of America’s best-looking bachelors take the stage before a live audience at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. But they’re not all models and actors; these are real guys-- firemen, lawyers, factory workers, teachers and more. Ditch diggers and venture capitalists have an equal chance in this contest-- they just need to have what it takes to charm the women on our panel of celebrity judges. These handsome guys appear in evening wear and in swimsuits. They answer personal questions and even reveal their romantic side in a sexy, slow dance, until one man is named the Sexiest Bachelor in America.

Who Wants to Be a Princess?

It’s every little girl’s dream to be swept off her feet by a dashing prince, and we’ve made it come true! We’ve flown 30 women selected from thousands of hopefuls from across the country to Las Vegas to compete for the chance at a real life “Cinderella” fantasy! These beautiful women are all there for the chance to impress our Mystery Prince – a REAL prince from a European country. He judges the women on a combination of beauty, intelligence, and charisma in an upscale, pageant-like format. The winner gets to fly home with the Prince, stay in a palace, wear royal jewelry, and become an actual princess!

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