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Get ready for the most high caliber, most heart pounding, most action packed hour of unwavering reality on television. Brace yourself: this is truTV’s MOST DARING – the ultimate caught-on-camera show, featuring ordinary people facing extraordinary danger.

When a walk across the street becomes a run for your life; when a Sunday drive turns into a race for survival; when the unexpected puts you on a collision course with disaster, the only recourse is… MOST DARING!

Each episode of MOST DARING showcases true tales of people in peril. The captivating footage is matched only by the compelling stories told firsthand by those who defy the odds and live to tell about it. You’ll feel what they felt, and see what they saw. These are people from all walks of life - from convenience store clerks to construction workers; storm chasers to street racers; cops and college kids alike; these are your friends, neighbors, and even your family members.

Created by the acclaimed producers of truTV’s top-rated, pro-law enforcement series MOST SHOCKING, our latest offering continues the tradition of presenting real video, of real people facing “unreal” situations.

Since MOST DARING’S debut in January of 2008, which pulled in well over one millionviewers, it has consistently dominated the ratings. Thirteen all new, adrenaline-pumping episodes begin airing October 1st, 2008, and will include themes such as Wild Women and Bad Day on the Job. Whether it’s the pavement pounding action of Horror on the Highway, or the often hilarious hijinx of Young and Dumb, MOST DARING promises to deliver the kind of non-stop entertainment and breathtaking reality viewers crave.

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