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Episode 1
Aired: July 26, 2006 - SCIFI Channel
As the superheroes party, they are secretly recorded by a spy, faux-superhero Rotiart ("traitor" spelled backward) so that Stan Lee can see past their costumes and into their true identities before he admits them into "the lair."

Stan sends the superheroes to a public park and tells them that, when summoned by their communication devices, they must change into their costumes as quickly as possible without anyone seeing them. They must then race through a nearby archway, which is the finish line. The superhero who has the fastest time wins. Little do they know that the true test is to stop and help a crying child, who has been placed strategically near the finish line. TV-PG-L

Episode 2
Aired: August 2, 2006 - SCIFI Channel
Before breakfast at the lair, Stan asks the superheroes to write questions for each other. Stan reads some aloud.

Stan sends the heroes to help a little old lady who is locked out of her house. They must use their "courage and tenacity" to fend off two vicious dogs and reach the back door, which they must touch with any body part in order to claim victory. At any time the superhero may surrender by saying "uncle."

The superheroes get costume makeovers while Stan gauges their reactions — to see if they act like true superheroes when they don't like what they see in the mirror.

As the Iron Enforcer leaves the lair, Stan appears on a video monitor and asks him if he wants to be a "supervillain" and help Stan make the remaining superheroes' lives "extremely difficult." The Iron Enforcer agrees and is transformed into the Dark Enforcer. TV-PG-L-V

Episode 3
Aired: August 9, 2006 - SCIFI Channel
The superheroes are each given $20 to buy lunch at a nearby café and told that Stan wants to see if they order food that a superhero would eat. They are being secretly videotaped by their new enemy, The Dark Enforcer. While each hero dines at the café, two members of the wait staff (a good-looking man and woman) try to trick them into revealing their real-life personas.

The superheroes must rescue a woman from the burning rooftop of a nearby building. To reach her they must cross a wooden plank between the two structures and lead her back to the safety of the lair's roof — all while wearing a blindfold!

After the superheroes complete the task, their blindfolds are removed by The Dark Enforcer. They actually were walking on a piece of wood balanced above a rubber safety mat … and the woman they rescued has an identical twin, who is still waiting to be rescued on the nearby burning rooftop. Damn you, Dark Enforcer! TV-PG-L

Episode 4
Aired: August 16, 2006 - SCIFI Channel
The superheroes spend their free time performing good deeds on the streets of L.A. Stan observes all their efforts with a critical eye, then summons them back to the lair.

To see if the heroes can perform a "covert operation under stressful conditions," Stan sends them to interact with convicts and perform such tasks as: giving a prisoner a hug three times; brushing a convict's hair from his face three times; rubbing the convict's shoulders three times; and sitting on a convict's lap for a full three seconds. TV-PG-L

Episode 5
Aired: August 23, 2006 - SCIFI Channel
The superheroes must tell a classroom of children about their superhero personas and let the students vote for the superhero they like best.

Stan tells the heroes that the Dark Enforcer has been spotted at Universal CityWalk. They must follow a series of clues that will lead them to the villain. The superhero who finds the Dark Enforcer in the shortest time and behaves in the most "superhero-like" fashion will win the challenge. TV-PG

Episode 6
Aired: August 30, 2006 - SCIFI Channel
As Stan ponders the final elimination, he recalls his experiences with Fat Momma and Feedback, including their auditions and performances in past challenges. He contacts them to say that today he's going to give them "superpowers."

Fat Momma and Feedback attend "Stunt School" with professional stunt-man John Moio, who worked as a stunt performer on both Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2. He teaches them how to take a fall, land a punch, throw a kick — and fly!

At Universal CityWalk Stan appears on a jumbo television screen in front of a large, cheering crowd and screens two short films featuring Fat Momma and Feedback. Feedback wins the competition and holds his very own comic book. TV-PG


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