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Before you can take out the girl of your dreams, you first must pass parental inspection – this age-old rite of passage fuels the funny and outrageous prime time reality game show MEET MY FOLKS!

In each self-contained episode, three handsome young bachelors with super-charged hormones spend a weekend with their potential Miss Right – and her parents! But if these boys think that impressing Mom & Dad will be easy, they’re wrong! We have a few surprises up our sleeves. Envelopes marked "Dirty Little Secrets" show up at the worst possible times. Inside, Dad finds provocative and revealing facts about each of the boys. One has a world-class porn collection! Another is juggling three girlfriends at once! The third cheated on his SATs! Ouch! Plus, their ex-girlfriends drop in with even more embarrassing stories about the boys.

Which guy will Mom & Dad pick to win the Grand Prize – a week in Hawaii with their daughter? That depends on the results of one final parental test…the iconic MEET MY FOLKS Lie Detector! Mom & Dad grill the boys – and if they lie, everyone will know!

Be there for the excruciating silences, the frayed nerves, the euphoric highs and the horrifying lows – as one gorgeous girl invites three handsome boys home to MEET MY FOLKS.

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