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Episode 119: The Maniacis
The Maniacis's are set to pick the perfect date for their son, Giancarlo. The three bachelorettes Desiree, Lisa and Debbie are asked questions about their past, ex-boyfriends return to spill secrets and they give a presentation on their favorite items.

Debbie reveals she once posed nude for Playboy which Mrs Maniaci finds difficult to deal with.

Desiree touches the family when she reveals her most prized possessions are the hand-knitted beannies her grandmother made for her.

Lisa's ex-boyfriend spills that she is obsessed with SEX and is fake from her "tan to her breasts".

Lisa is the first to be eliminated - and Giancarlo pleads for Debbie to stay as his heart goes out to her.

After the lie detector test, which Debbie passes with flying colours - she is selected to be Giancarlo's partner in Hawaii, while Desiree is sent packing.

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