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Episode 107: The Carlsons
JD arrives first, and right away Mom doesn't like his look. Bobby comes next, and then Giancarlo. The boys think Dad looks intimidating. The parents ask the boys some questions in the living room, and then the "dirty little secrets" package comes in the mail. It's revealed that JD snowboarded down a hill naked at Vale, which caused him to be banned from all resorts in Colorado. He admits to this and said he did it for a girl, which Krissy thinks is sort of romantic. Bobby is revealed to toss out guys from the club he works at for no reason just so he can hit on their girlfriends. Bobby denies this and says there's always a reason. Giancarlo supposedly did something with a 60-something year-old woman.

As the boys go to their room they get a fax giving them tasks they must complete at dinner. If they don't complete the tasks, more secrets will be revealed about them. Bobby has to shovel food onto Dad's plate twice, JD must take ice from Dad's glass and put it in his twice, and Giancarlo must wipe food from the chest area of mom's blouse twice. None of the boys complete their tasks, and while JD is trying to complete his Dad decides he's had enough and tosses his wine onto him. As no one completed their tasks, it's revealed that JD makes dates with girls every weekend then stands them up. Giancarlo is really cheap - he says his food was horrible at restaurants so he doesn't have to pay for it, and he always uses coupons wherever he goes. Bobby won a contest for sleeping with the most girls - four in a week.

The next morning Mom wakes the boys up early to take them to a fertility center. JD for some reason is really talkative and obnoxious. Mom says all the boys did great. Back at home during breakfast the boys' ex-girlfriends come to visit. Giancarlo's ex says he likes old-fashioned girls, but his definition of old-fashioned is "barefoot, pregnant, and gimme a beer." He also throws fits a lot. JD's ex says he's very vain. Bobby's ex says he cheated on her with a girl who was seven years younger than him (18). She also says he's a hoe.

Next the boys go on dates with Krissy. Bobby takes her to a Moroccan dinner and a belly dancer dances for them. Krissy says he's really touchy and she doesn't really like him. Giancarlo takes her rollerblading, and Krissy says she feels comfortable with him and that it's easy to talk to him. JD takes Krissy to the park where they fly a kite and have a picnic. Krissy enjoys this date she says.

Next, back at home, videos come in the mail, revealing more secrets about the boys. JD's friend says he invites girls over to a huge mansion, that isn't really even his, just so he can get them in bed. Bobby's friend shows everyone all the porno he has in his room (he's got a lot!). Giancarlo's friend says he hates girls from California with blonde hair and blue eyes (which is exactly what Krissy is) and says they're only good for casual flings.

The elimination fax comes next. JD is the only one who thinks he's going to be eliminated. Mom is really upset when she announces that Giancarlo is eliminated. After this Krissy is upset too. The next morning Krissy tells her parents that she thinks JD is much better than Bobby.

The lie detector, as always, is the final test. JD lies and says he won't drink in Hawaii if he wins the trip with Krissy. He then lies and says Dad didn't overreact when he tossed his wine on JD. He also lies and says he didn't think the fertility test was inappropriate. He lies once again and says he's looking for a long term relationship with Krissy. He lies a fifth time and says he won't try to sleep with Krissy in Hawaii if he wins the trip. Bobby is next, and only lies twice. He lies and says he hasn't slept with more than fifty women, then lie and says he wouldn't break up with Krissy if she wouldn't sleep with him after a month of dating him.

JD thinks he's going to lose at this point, and Bobby thinks he's going to win...but the parents end up picking JD, which makes Krissy happy. The parents get one final fax, which freaks out JD - but the fax ends up simply saying "the end."

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