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Episode 106: The Figgs
As the girls arrive at the Figgs' house, Dad says he hopes he'll be able to flirt with them. The Figgs ask some icebreaker questions to the girls, then Mom gets some mail - the "dirty little secrets" envelope. Lisa supposedly served a steak with onions on it to a customer who was allergic to them. Lisa says the customer was rude, and that she didn't really mean for him to get sick from the onions. Carrie supposedly had four boyfriends at once. She says that's because she was never committed to any of them. Jamie supposedly over-billed nightclub customers, which she admits and says she feels bad about. At this point, Josh says none of the girls stand out to him.

As the girls go to their room, they get a fax that states tasks they must do at dinner. If they don't complete the tasks, more secrets will be revealed about them. Jamie must feel Dad's biceps and compliment them twice, Carrie must massage Dad's shoulders and say he feels tense twice, and Lisa must feel Dad twice (and he has to actually eat what she feeds him). Only Lisa completed her task, so a fax comes after dinner which reveals that Jamie has entered 50 wet t-shirt contests (which she denies) and Carrie once slept with a man she knew was married (which she also denies).

That night the kids have some fun in the pool and hot tub. Josh wants to play truth or dare. The parents get a fax in their room which says they can watch the kids outside from their TV in their room. When Dad sees Josh ask the girls to flash him, he goes outside and reprimands Josh.

The next afternoon Josh goes on dates with all the girls. He goes on a bike ride in the park with Lisa, then on a merry-go-round ride. He says this was more of a friendly date. Next is a picnic and walk in an orchard with Jamie. Josh asks Jamie to kiss him, and there's chemistry. Last is a trip to the massage place with Carrie. Carrie is flirty and she makes out with Josh.

At dinner outside, the girls' ex-boyfriends show up. They reveal facts about the girls, and the girls aren't allowed to defend themselves. Jeff, Lisa's ex, says that she talks way too much and isn't into sex. Ryon, Jamie's ex, says she farts a lot during intimate situations. Erol, Carrie's ex, says that she's a cheater, wears way too much make up, and is a gold digger. He also says she once moved in with a 60-year-old man. Later on Carrie says he was only 51.

Later on, while everyone is inside, another package arrives, containing videos. On Lisa's video a friend says that Lisa was with someone for two years, then while on a trip to California with him, found another man and dumped her boyfriend of two years. Lisa denies the story. Jamie's best friend says that Jamie had phone sex with her boyfriend at work and got fired for it. Jamie denies this. Carrie's friend says that Carrie looks for guys who are already in relationships then tries to steal them away from their girlfriends. Carrie says that she does do that, but doesn't actually hunt for guys in relationships.

A fax comes and it's time for a girl to get eliminated. Lisa and Jamie both think it's them, but Carrie is actually the one to be eliminated. Josh then tries to persuade his parents to pick Jamie to win, saying he wouldn't be happy with Lisa.

Last but not least is the lie detector test. Lisa lies and says she never cheated on a boyfriend before. She then lies and says she hasn't lied to Josh all weekend. She lies and says she'd be faithful to Josh. She also lies and says she's not pretending to care about Josh just to win a trip. Jamie is next, and lies and says she hasn't lied to Josh. She then lies and says she didn't have phone sex at work. She also lies and says she won't try to sleep with Josh if she wins the trip with him.

The parents pick Jamie, which Josh is glad about. Lisa says she's happy for Josh and Jamie.

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