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Episode 105: The Atnips
The three boys arrive at the same time and are at once intimidated by Chloe's dad, who sets some rules for the boys. The doorbell rings. A package has come containing dirty little secrets about each of the boys. James admits to his four speeding tickets and revoked license. CJ is revealed to model jock straps on the internet and enjoy taking his clothes off. After hearing this, Mom thinks he might be gay. Chris shows off his tattoo on his back, which is Chinese symbols that say "Trust no woman." Afterwards, Dad says he doesn't like any of the guys, while Mom says she likes Chris.

Dad shows the guys his gun collection, then the guys play pool with Chloe after Mom and Dad go to sleep. Some drinking occurs later on, and Chris feeds CJ alcohol, getting him quite drunk.

Dad wakes up the boys at 5:30 the next morning to go fishing. CJ makes a fool of himself trying to get a worm on a hook. Chris seems to be the best fisherman.

CJ goes on the first date with Chloe. Chloe seems to think that CJ isn't really looking for a girlfriend. The two play some football. Meanwhile Chris has Mom do his hair (she's a hairstylist), thinking this will make her like him more. James goes on a date with Chloe next. They spend some time at a swimming pool then swing on a tire swing.

Next each boy shares something close to them. CJ shows a picture of him dressed as Raggedy Andy, saying that he does it as volunteer work for children. Mom is touched by this. Chris shows a Raiders shirt, saying he's a huge fan. Mom thinks this is more self-centered. James shows a bar of soap which symbolizes that he's clean-cut, and also shows a Matchbox car, symbolizing he's very playful. Mom thinks this is just weird.

The doorbell rings, and this time Dad comes back with videos about the boys. The first video shows Simone, CJ's ex-girlfriend. She says he likes to lie and tell his girlfriends he's gay when he wants to break up with them. CJ denies that he's gay. Johnny, James' friend, shows us a huge box of condoms under James' bed, and another box in James' car. James says they're there because he volunteers for Planned Parenthood. Chris is nervous when his video is put in. His sister Christine says that Chris likes to tape his girlfriend, without them knowing, while they're having intimate moments. Mom is shocked and mad, but Chris denies that he's ever taped a girlfriend without her knowing.

Chris finally gets his date with Chloe. They take a walk in the park and sit on a hammock. Mom at this point thinks Chloe likes Chris, but Dad doesn't agree. Now one boy must be eliminated, and that boy is James.

The last part of the contest is the lie detector test. CJ is first. He lies and says he'd like to have Dad as a father-in-law. He then lies and says he didn't try to flirt with Mom at all. He also lies and says he won't try to sleep with Chloe if he wins the trip with her. Chris is next. Like CJ, he lies and says he'd like Dad as a father-in-law. He also lies and says he never told a girl he loves her to get her in bed. Finally, he lies and says he's never video-taped a girl without her knowledge!

Chris is really confident he's going to win, and CJ thinks he's going to lose, but CJ ends up being the winner, to Chloe's dismay.

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