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Episode 101: The Blankenships
After the bachelors arrive at the Blankenship's house on Friday afternoon, they're asked some questions by Senta's parents in the living room. The doorbell rings, and Dad walks back with a "dirty little secrets" envelope. According to Jason's former boss, Jason was one of the most irresponsible people he's ever met. He was late to work 320 of 400 days! Jason says that yes, this is true. Cory supposedly purposely forgets to bring money on dates so his girlfriends have to pay. Chris explains that he does this because he wants the relationships to be equal. Chris supposedly has his mom break up with his girlfriends while he hides in a close and pretends he's not there. Chris denies this and says he only does with girls he doesn't like.

After the secrets are revealed, Dad says he doesn't like any of the bachelors. Mom says that she can see it in Senta's eyes that she likes Jason.

As the boys head up to their room, they get a fax that gives them all tasks to do. Whoever fails their task will have three more secrets about them revealed. Cory had to take food off Dad's plate three times, Chris had to wipe Mom's mouth three times, and Jason had to burp three times. All three boys completed their tasks, so no secrets were revealed.

After Mom and Dad are thought to be asleep, Senta and the boys have some fun in the hot tub. Little do they know that Mom and Dad got a fax and have the ability to watch the kids on their TV in their room. Dad doesn't like what's going on and goes outside to break up the action.

Dad wakes up the boys early the next morning and takes them on a morning workout. Dad is impressed at how hard Jason tries during the workout.

After the workout everyone goes back home for breakfast. To the boys' surprise their girlfriends walk in the door to join them for breakfast, and Chris freaks out. The ex's each reveal something about their respective ex-boyfriends, while the boys must remain silent. Chris' ex reveals that he cheated on her. Jason's ex reveals that he cheated on her four times and has a lot of growing up to do. Kory's ex simply says that he used to wear baggy pants and have some weird friends in high school, and to her knowledge Kory never cheated on her. Kory takes the lead at this point in Dad's opinion.

Next each bachelor gets a date with Senta. Kory takes her to a spa, where they sip wine in a hot tub. Senta thinks Kory is really funny and that he's the one at this point. After Kory's date, Jason takes Senta to yoga. Senta says that she thinks he's way too into the yoga and she can't stop laughing at him. For the last date, Chris takes Senta to dinner, and then they dance in the restaurant. At this point Senta states that she's leaning towards Chris.

Next on the list of events is sharing time, when each boy shares something that means a lot to him. Chris shares his college degree and says he's the first in his family to receive one. Kory shares a song he wrote for his sister who he rarely gets to see. Jason shares a drum from an Indian tribe he's related to, but Senta and her parents think he's really weird when he begins to play the drum.

The doorbell then rings again and Dad brings back videos revealing more secrets about the boys. Kory's friend says he cheated on the SAT, which Kory admits to, while saying that he regrets the decision and no longer cheats. Jason's friend says that Jason likes to be spanked! For some reason Jason sees nothing wrong with this, but Senta and her parents think it's really creepy. Chris' best friend says that Chris slept with an ex-girlfriend's mom, which Chris denies. This does not sit well with Senta's mom, who thinks Chris is the worst contestant at this point.

A fax arrives that says the parents must eliminate a contestant. They decide to get rid of Jason. After Jason leaves, Mom and Dad ask Senta who she likes more. Senta says she can't decide because she likes both, which surprises Dad because he though she didn't like either of them. Senta says that it's all up to her parents.

Next up is the lie detector test, which the boys definitely didn't expect. Kory lies quite a bit. He lies and says that he likes Dad. He then lies and says that he doesn't think he's smarter than Dad. He lies and says that he didn't cheat on any college exams. He also lies and says that he didn't bring condoms with him for the weekend. Finally, he lies and says that he won't try to sleep with Senta if he wins the trip to Hawaii with her - and he laughs after lying! Chris is next. He lies and says he'd like Dad to be his father-in-law. He then lies and says the he hasn't lied to Senta. He also lies and says that he'd respect Dad's wishes to not sleep with Senta. Finally, he lies and says that he never slept with an ex-girlfriend's mom! Despite this last disgusting lie, Chris wins the trip to Hawaii with Senta.

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